Poll: The Best Children's Books of the 21st Century

We hope you have read SF Said's brilliant post that questions why children's literature is regularly overlooked by mainstream press, literary awards and universities when discussing literary greats. Although this is a regular occurrence, it was a recent BBC poll that has fueled our irritation further, coming as it did so near to our launch date.

At Middle Grade Strikes back we want to run our own poll. We want to know what you think are the best children's books of the 21st Century. However, as with all polls we feel we need to set a few rules:
  • we would like you to name the book(s) you rate as being the best middle grade books that have been first published in the UK in the 21st Century. This is not a poll to find out the most popular books - we want to know which children's books you feel should be acknowledged as literary classics.
  • as we saw on our launch day (and already knew from many discussions in the past), different people have different ideas as to what constitutes middle grade fiction. For the purpose of this poll we are defining it as books written for 8-13 year olds, so therefore not YA. However, we also accept there has to be some flexibility here (e.g. some people claim Harry Potter is middle grade, some claim the later books in the series are YA)
  • nominated books do not have to be written by British authors, but they do have to have been first published in the UK since 1st January 2000
  • specific book titles only please, not whole series of books (e.g 'Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire' rather than 'Harry Potter series')
We would be very grateful if you would fill in the form below with up to three book titles. We have included optional fields for your name and email address, as we may want to contact you at a later date for a comment about your chosen book(s). We will let this poll run throughout the whole of February 2015.


  1. tough one defining what is intended as a children's book - as opposed to YA - I've been longing for MG to strike back!

  2. Dash it – I was hoping to cite Harry Potter And The Prisoner Of Azkaban as my favourite but it's missed the 21st century by one year... ho hum.

  3. If you're looking for inspiration, this list might be helpful. It does have loads of 20th century stuff, but the 21st century entries might jog your memory. https://www.goodreads.com/list/show/72451.Best_of_UKMG_Fiction