Friday 10 June 2016

Cover Reveal: The Other Alice by Michelle Harrison

We're really excited for the upcoming Michelle Harrison book from Simon & Schuster, The Other Alice!

This sounds FABULOUS; check out the book's synopsis below...

What happens when a tale with real magic, that was supposed to be finished, never was? This is a story about one of those stories . . .
Midge loves riddles, his cat, Twitch, and ‒ most of all ‒ stories. Especially because he’s grown up being read to by his sister Alice, a brilliant writer.
When Alice goes missing and a talking cat turns up in her bedroom, Midge searches Alice’s stories for a clue. Soon he discovers that her secret book, The Museum of Unfinished Stories, is much more than just a story. In fact, he finds two of its characters wandering around town.
But every tale has its villains ‒ and with them leaping off the page, Midge, Gypsy and Piper must use all their wits and cunning to work out how the story ends and find Alice. If they fail, a more sinister finale threatens them all . . .

And now, how gorgeous is this cover?! Designed by Jenny Richards at Simon & Schuster and illustrated by Chloe Bonfield, it looks stunning - we can't wait to add it to our shelves!
The Other Alice will be published on 28th July by Simon & Schuster.

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