Cover Kids Books

#CoverKidsBooks is a campaign for more children's books media coverage. Our research shows that children's books currently get just 3% of all book review space in UK national newspapers, despite accounting for over 30% of the market. We believe this needs to change.

In a series of blogs, we'll be talking to people for whom children's books coverage is important, and hearing why. We'll be interviewing booksellers, librarians, teachers, parents, writers & illustrators.

We invite everyone with an interest in the subject to join the conversation. Leave a comment, write a blog, or tweet about children's books coverage, using the hashtag. Tell us about coverage you've seen, why it matters to you, and what you'd like the media to do to #CoverKidsBooks!

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The Campaign Trail

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  1. This is a much-needed campaign. Children's publishing constitutes a large part of the industry yet the coverage given to it in the media is abysmal. Parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles - people who regularly buy books for children - also read newspapers!

  2. An important battle...and one I regularly find myself fighting. I've written around 30 books for Hodder, Disney and Penguin - both here and in the states - and I can count the amount of media reviews I've had on one hand. I'll gladly take up the banner on this and run something about it on Bloke Called Dave during February. Good luck with the campaign!

  3. This is brilliant, and so needed. To improve literacy in children we need to show them, and their parents, that there are soooo many brilliant books out there, truly something for everyone. I feel extremely lucky to work in the industry, with so much diversity and creativity in terms of what's being published for children and young adults now, but we need the media to help spread the word far wider!

  4. Desperately necessary, as many excellent books which would really engage young readers don't get the publicity they deserve.

  5. Well done for initiating this. Adults are the ones who buy MG books. It's no wonder they turn to the classics they read as a child when it comes to buying gifts. They don't know any current children's books because their attention isn't drawn to them unless the author has a celebrity profile of their own. Good luck with the campaign.

  6. I love this initiative!
    Here's my post :-)

  7. I never thought of reading children's books until Harry Potter came out, my parents bought me the book and wow, I was hooked. But then a friend started giving me books for my birthday, Inkheart to other fantasy books. And now I'm working on my own trilogy.
    I think books for kids are very important. Without them, how will kids learn to get off the screens and use something we called imagination!

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