Thursday 19 November 2015

Middle Grade Kids Choose Their Favourite Books

Secret Kingdom is my favourite book because  it's full  of excitement and  magic. There are  pixies, brownies, elves, fairies, and a jolly king  called King Merry and  three girls called Summer, Ellie, and Jasmine. Ellie  finds a  wooden box in the  funfair. A  whole magical  adventure  is  waiting  for  them. This  book  really  encourages  me. When I am in bed  it’s hard  to get to sleep because the book is in my head. There is 8 books in the series.

By Caoimhe, age 8

My favourite book is My Mum is Going to Explode. It is about this mam that is going to have a baby but this boy  thinks his mam is going to explode. I like this book because  I think it is very interesting and funny and it makes me want  to go   on to the next page so quickly

By Sophie, age 9 

My  favourite  book  is  The   Hundred-Mile-An-Hour. It’s  about   a  dog  called   Streaker .  He  is  a  really  funny  and  fast  dog.  It  is  really   interesting.  This  book  was   awesome    and   made  me  fall  off my  chair.  Every  time   I   end   up  laughing.  Every  time  I  am  reading  it  in  my  bed  my  Mam   ends  up  telling   me  to  be  quiet.  I  like  this  book  because  it’s  full  of  laughs  that  will  make   you  smile  like  it  made  me.  I  love  Jeremy  Strong  books.   

By Destiny

My favourite book is Big  Nate   by  Lincoln  Peirce. The story is about a boy who’s  in  sixth  grade  and  loves  drawing  cartoons. He  sits  in  front of  this  annoying  girl  called  Gina. He  has  a  crush  on  this  girl called  Jenny  but  she  likes  a  boy  called  Authur .I  like  this  book  because  it  has  comics  as  well  as a  story.
by   Noah, age  8

My favourite book is Timmy Failure We Meet Again, by Stephan Pastis. It is about a boy called Timmy, who is a world class detective. He tries to make the world a better place, with the power of GREATNESS! But things ... don't really go to plan, with four evil obstacles in the way.
I thought it was so funny that I showed my brother loads of awesome parts.

By Jamie, age 9

My favourite book is Sweet Honey. It is about a girl called Honey Tanberry, who has a messed up life at  home and decides to live with her dad in America. But when she goes to school no one understands her and neither does her dad. I loved this book. Sometimes it scared me and sometimes it made me cry with happiness  and sadness ! You should  try it, it's fab. The author of this book is Cathy Cassidy. If you like it I think you will like her other books.


My  favourite  book  is  The   Magic   Faraway  Tree  by  Enid  Blyton. It  starts  when  Joe, Beth  and  Franny  move  to  the  countryside   and   find   out  there  is  an  enchanted   forest  beside  them. That  is  when  they  find  The   Magic  Faraway Tree.  My  favourite  character  is  Mr. Saucepan   man  who  is  deaf. I  really  liked  it  because   it  made  me  laugh  out  loud. There  is  such  exciting  lands  in   it.  I  would  rate  it  five  stars. 


My  favourite  book  is   The Secret Garden. The  author  is  Frances  Hodgson  Burnett. It  is  about  a  girl  called  Mary  that stays  with  her  uncle  that  lives  in  a  mansion. She  hears  wailing   noises  one  night  so  she  goes  downstairs  and  she  finds  a  boy  who  can’t  walk.  He  is  called  Colin. She  finds  a  secret  garden  which  is  Colin’s   mother’s  garden.

By  Katie 

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