Thursday 25 February 2016

Cover Reveal: The Inventory: Iron Fist by Andy Briggs

As huge fans of Andy Briggs's, especially his brilliant Tarzan series, we are super-excited for The Inventory: Iron Fist! When given the chance to reveal the cover for the new book, we obviously jumped at it.

Hidden under a small suburban town, the Inventory is a collection of the most incredible technology the world has NEVER seen: invisible camouflage, HoverBoots, indestructible metals, and the deadly war robot Iron Fist. Dev's uncle, Charlie Parker, is the Inventory's mild-mannered curator, with security provided by Eema, a beyond-state-of-the-art artificial intelligence system.

But security is catastrophically breached when Lot and Mason from school turn up unexpectedly and, hot on their heels, a ruthless gang of thieves working for the Collector and the Shadow Helix organization. If the thieves succeed in their goal to seize the Iron Fist, Dev, his friends, and the world are in a whole heap of trouble.

The Inventory is a fast-paced new adventure series, packed with high-tech thrills; perfect for readers who like edge-of-the-seat adventure with great characters and clever one-liners. This is ALEX RIDER with the gadgets and humour of ARTEMIS FOWL.

The Inventory's cover was designed by the fabulous Sam Perrett from Scholastic. We asked Sam for a quick comment on the cover and got this brilliant reply.

"It was clear from the start that the cover needed a bold and graphic treatment. With all the tech, devilishly cunning villains and exciting plot twists and turns (I won’t say anymore – there will be no spoilers from me), it was tough to decide what the final design should look like. After trying a few different things it was pretty clear that the Iron Fist was the best, and strongest choice, as it creates quite an impact, alludes to the gadgetry and technology hidden inside The Inventory and sets up the series look!"

The Inventory will be published by Scholastic on 2nd May.

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  1. Sounds very interesting. My daughter loves Alex Rider and Artemis Fowl so shall certainly be tracking down this one for her! Thanks for the heads-up, Emma ;-)