Saturday, 3 September 2016

The Secrets of Billie Bright by Susie Day

Billie Bright's family is pretty big for one that's got somebody missing. There's Billie who is a girl Billie and eleven and about to go to secondary school. Then there are her three big brothers and her Dad, who also runs the cafe under their flat. Life's loud but Billie likes it, even without her mum there any more.

But with the new school comes having to make new friends and all kinds of other grown-up things to deal with. And at home it feels like all her brothers are keeping secrets from her. So when she decides to do a project on her mum, she has to do all the research herself and ends up finding out all kinds of things she doesn't expect to . . .

My thoughts ....
I love this book. I'm always excited about the prospect of a new Susie Day book this book was no exception and I'm so pleased to report it far surpassed every hope and expectation I had for it. It's set in the same world as Susie's Pea series and the spin off The Secrets of Sam and Sam and much like those books it is wonderful in the diversity of characters featuring characters who are LGBT and PoC without it being a plot point or issue. These different types of people are just there without it being pointed out which is exactly how it should be. I hate it when diversity is used as a plot device or seen as something trendy and Susie Day shows exactly how diversity can be celebrated in a book without making it a big deal or cliché.

The story itself is really sweet and I loved getting to know Billie and her family. The relationships between them were really lovely and I really enjoyed getting to uncover all of Billie's secrets. I also have to mention the cameos from previous characters. I love a good cameo and was very excited about these.

All in all this is the book equivalent of hugs with a cup of tea and rich tea biscuits with your best friend. Just wonderful.  

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