Monday 14 December 2015

Kirsty's top MG titles of 2015

I have read a lot of fabulous books this year and almost without exception I have adored all of the MG titles that have come my way which made making this list tough. After a few tough decisions I've managed to come up with a top 10 to share today. They are shared in order in which I read rather than preference. It was tough enough coming up with a Top 10. asking me to rank them would just be cruel.

Arsenic for Tea by Robin Stevens

I ruddy love this series. It appeals to my inner child who adored Boarding School stories (who am I kidding I still adore boarding school stories) and I love the murder mystery element to them. Just fabulous.

Violet and the Hidden Treasure by Harriet Whitehorn

This series appeals in much the same way the previous one does as they mystery novels (although sadly not set in a boarding school). They have the added bonus of beautiful illustrations throughout which really add to the story.

Spotlight on Sunny by Keris Stainton

I am a huge Keris Stainton fan and I can't recommend this book enough purely because of how diverse it is which makes it different from anything I've read MG wise this year.

Dog Ears by Anne Booth

Another really sweet read which had lots of heart and really made me feel for the character who is going through a lot but no one really notices because they've got their own rubbish to deal with. This one really sat with me for a long while after finishing it.

Demolition Dad by Phil Earle

I love Phil Earle's books anyway but this is just a little bit special. It's funny and poignant and I loved all of the characters you meet across the story. Plus a wrestling Dad. Who didn't want their Dad to be a wrestling as a kid? It made me feel like I did when reading Danny the Champion of the World in the way the Father and Son relationship is portrayed.

Mystery of the Clockwork Sparrow by Katherine Woodfine

Another mystery novel set during a historical period which I adored. I loved the historical detail and really enjoyed the mystery element. I cannot wait for book 2.

 Oh Obviously by Laura Dockrill

I love the Darcy Burdock series and won't say too much here about what happens in this book for fear of spoiling it. Needless to say I loved this latest installment of Darcy's story and am left wanting more.

The Secrets of Sam and Sam by Susie Day

This book is a spin off from Susie's Pea series which I adore and I am very pleased that I loved this book too. The book follows the story of Pea's neighbours who are twins both call Sam (one boy and one girl) and I really enjoy how it smashes gender stereotypes to pieces over the course of this book. It is brilliant.

George by Alex Gino

I said I wasn't going to rank this list but if I had to this would be top. George is a beautiful book about a transgender child and it just made my heartache. I just wanted to go in and hug the main character and let them know everything would be OK and think everyone should read it.

Pugs of the Frozen North by Philip Reeve and Sarah McIntyre

This book is just super cute and lots of fun. I really enjoyed it mostly because of all the pugs.


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  1. Thank you so much! I am so glad to see 'Dog Ears' listed here and in such wonderful company!