Monday 7 December 2015

Review: Lily and the Christmas Wish by Keris Stainton

When a town's Christmas wishes get mixed-up, can one little girl and her dog put them right?

The little town of Pinewood can't wait for Christmas this year. They're going to celebrate by putting up a giant Christmas tree in the town square, and asking all the townspeople to hang a Christmas wish on its branches. Everyone is feeling very festive, including nine-year-old Lily - although she's not sure she believes in wishes. Then a very strange storm blows in, scattering all the wishes...and Lily wakes up the next morning to a bit of a surprise. Bug, her adorable pug puppy, can talk! It's magic - and a wish come true! But it's not Lily's wish...

Lily and her little brother James soon discover that something must have happened during the storm - the town's wishes have been granted, but to all the wrong people! Lily, James and Bug must work out which wish belongs to who, and sort everything out before Christmas Eve - otherwise no one will get what they want for Christmas.


It is a huge secret I am a huge fan of Keris Stainton's books. They are always full of heart and really sweet and this is no exception.

What I enjoyed particularly about this book was that it had that usual Kerisness of being really diverse. I enjoy that her books are quite inclusive in the range of characters and situations they present.

I also enjoyed the magical feel of the story. The story revolves around a town whose Christmas wishes end up muddled up and follows the main character Lily as she works to reunite wishes with people of the town. The wishes themselves were really sweet and varied from the fun to the more serious

Oh and I also enjoyed the talking Pug. What more do you need than a talking pug at Christmas. 

I thoroughly enjoyed Lily and the Christmas Wish and would highly recommend it for anyone looking for a Middle Grade story set at Christmas.

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