Tuesday, 17 March 2015

My Favourite Book

My favourite book ever is Awful Auntie.  It is about a young girl called Stella Saxby whose parents had died in a supposed car crash but Stella soon becomes suspicious when her awful auntie starts acting strange.  What will happen with poor Stella, who knows.  This book is written by award winning David Walliams who has already written The Boy in the Dress, Mr Stink, Demon Dentist, Billionaire Boy, Ratburger, and Gangsta Granny.  If you have read any of these books and pick up this one you will not be disappointed. Be brave and enter the world of David Walliams.  I really liked this book because it was funny but at the same time, serious. It wasn’t fully fantasy but at the same time it would never happen in a million years. This is my favourite book I ever read and I can guarantee you that it will be yours as well.  I rate this book ten out of ten.

By Kevin Cooney, age nine.

Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone
This book is a great comedy, and scary book.  You have to be very brave to read it.
When I read it I exploded with laughter.  I liked it because of the wisdom they used in it - the characters were funny.  I liked the four houses of Hogwarts, and the sorting hat song, and I like the sport, quidditch.  It is about trying to make sure Voldemort doesn’t get to the philosopher’s stone because that will give him the elixir of life.  That will make him live forever and Nicholas Flamel will die (by the way Voldemort is the bad guy and Nicholas is the good guy).  Will Harry save the day, or will Voldemort win? Beware - IT IS SCARY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Louis Morris, age 9.

Alice Again is the best book I have ever read.  It’s one of those books when you say you will read one or two pages and you end up reading half way through the book.
Alice Again was written by Judi Curtin. She is my favourite author.
The book is about two best friends, called Alice and Megan. Megan visits Alice in Limerick because Alice lives there now because her parents split up.  Alice and Megan go on a mystery hunt to find out who is Mum’s secret boy friend.
It has a crazy twist in the end - Mum does not have a boy friend she has a…..
Find out in the book Alice Again. I felt it was a great twist in the end and you would too. So read Alice Again.
If you like mysteries I recommend this book.  This book definitely has to get 5 stars*****
By Caoimhe O’Grady, age 9.

“This book is the best book ever” So this book is illustrated by Michel Foreman and the author is Michael Murpurgo.  There is a boy called Robbie and his mam hates him saying ‘cool’.  Robbie had to bring his dog Lucky for a walk and Lucky ran across the road and Robbie went to get him and a car came. “BANG” Robbie was in a coma for four to six months.  His mother and his father tried lots of things, even got back together, brought Robbie’s favourite player from Robbie’s favourite team, Gianfranco Zola and nothing at all worked.  I liked this book because its real - like it could happen in real life, and does not have fairies and kings and magic.
Calum Fagan, age 9

The Hobbit
I like The Hobbit, which is written by J.R.R. Tolkien.  I love it because of all the excitement and adventure.  It was first published in September, 1937.  It has never been out of print, and has been translated into forty languages.  Tolkien was involved in the design and illustration of the whole book.  The book has been made into three feature films, directed by Peter Jackson, which are called An Unexpected Journey, The Desolation of Smaug and The Battle of the Five Armies.  The adventure starts with a normal hobbit (Bilbo Baggins) who is talked into going on an adventure by a wizard (Gandalf the Grey) accompanied by a band of thirteen dwarves, one of which is the famous Thorin Oakenshield.  With Bilbo as their burglar, they try to recover their homeland, which is guarded by a large, powerful and very dangerous dragon called Smaug.  It is very exciting.  It is truly an incredible fantasy story.  I give this book ten out of ten.
By Darragh O' Dowd, age 9.

War Horse

I first found out about War Horse when I was five - we went to see the movie.
I was a little bit too young to understand it but I read the book and I really loved it.
It is based on a true story.  It is about a boy called Jack and a horse called Joey.
Jack finds Joey and brings him home.  He asks his dad to train Joey. 
See what happens next in this heart warming story for yourself by watching the movie
or reading the book.  I would give this book 10/10. 

By Ailbhe O' Regan, age nine.

The Land of Stories: The Enchantress Returns

 My favourite book is The Enchantress Returns. Chris Colfer wrote it. My favourite character is Goldilocks. This book is exiting funny and always makes you want to read on. The main characters (Conner and Alex Bailey) go on an interesting adventure in the land of stories trying to save the whole universe from destruction. On the way they meet old friends. Can they do it?
By Eve Morris, age 9 

Gangsta Granny is written by David Walliams. It is about a boy called Ben who has an ordinary granny.  She smells of cabbage, she has false teeth, oh and she is a JEWEL THIEF.  Ben’s granny loves Ben so much but when she finds out that Ben is bored of her she decides to tell him her secret.  Ben’s granny fell sick with cancer, but she abseiled out of a hospital with bedclothes tied together as a rope just to be with Ben.   When they go after the crown jewels things get out of hand.
I liked this book because it always had you turning to the next page.  It’s so funny.  In fact, it’s so funny I had to stuff my PJs into my mouth to stop myself screaming with laughter.  I give this book five stars
By Aisling O’ Connor, age 9

Specky Becky Bucks
My favourite book is Specky Beck Bucks. The author of this book is John Quinn. This book is about a girl called Rebecca Buckly. She wears glasses so most of her friends call her Specky Becky Bucks. Her dream is to play in Croke Park. She is so good that she got on the school team. They got into the school football final but they lost it. I really like this book because I love football,
Ciara Smyth, age 10. 


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