Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Review: The Sleepover Club - Summer Secrets by Angie Bates.


Join the Sleepover Club: Frankie, Kenny, Felicity, Rosie and Lyndsey, five girls who just want to have fun – but who always end up in mischief.

A long weekend of camping by the seaside offers a few surprises for the Sleepover Club. Their first surprise is that there are no funfairs or arcades near the campsite – boring! But then they find a mysterious message in a bottle washed up by the tide…

Roll up your combats and paddle on over!


This was my first encounter with the Sleepover Club - I was drawn to it by the bright cover and fun synopsis but have since discovered it's one of a large series of books (there are 54 in total). The first five books were written by Rose Impey and then other authors contributed titles, this one was written by Angie Bates. The series was also adapted for TV in Australia, and aired in the UK. 

The book opens with a chapter that introduces the reader to the key characters, giving a little information about their likes, personalities and family structure. I found this useful, it gave me a quick insight into who was who and made me feel like it didn't matter that I hadn't read any of the earlier books. Throughout the story there are little references to things that happened in previous books - I was quite happy to just let these pass by but I'm sure if I was the target audience they would make me eager to read the earlier books and find out what happened in those stories too. 

The plot of this book centres around Lyndsey. After reading an old fashioned adventure story when she's poorly Lyndsey daydreams about the Sleepover Club having an adventure of their own. A chance invitation to visit her uncle's new B&B by the seaside offers them the perfect opportunity for this adventure to take place though of course nothing is quite as it seems.

The book is a slim, quick read. This means that the plot is a little on the thin side, but I'm sure its intended audience won't mind at all. It's an enjoyable, fun read - exactly the sort of thing I can picture younger me curling up with. 


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