Tuesday 31 March 2015

Top Ten MG Book Covers #PicturesMeanBusiness

by Emma Perry

MG Strikes Back is a big supporter of Sarah McIntyre's Pictures Mean Business campaign (previous articles here.)

It just makes sense.

So I couldn't help but shine a lovely big spotlight on those MG covers that make my heart thump. You know the ones ... those fabulous covers that catch your eye, catch your breath and force your hands to reach out & pull them from the shelf.

So here's a big MG style bookish high five to the designers of these exquisite covers that made my heart go thumpity-thump!

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Designed by Nina Tara. Twitter

1. Wells & Wong Mystery Series written by Robin Stevens
I know. I know. I'm cheating already, 3-in-1, but how glorious do these look side by side?? Nina Tara's vibrant colour choices ensure her mysterious silhouette's pop off the cover.

Designed by Jen Bielecki. Twitter
2. Worry Magic written by Dawn McNiff
Jen Bielecki's cover brilliantly capture the dream like, mysterious nature of the novel. Gorgeous colour combo too.

Designed by Daniel Davies.

3. Boy in the Tower written by Polly Ho-Yen
The vibrant yellow, the silhouettes of the birds in the sky ... and then the eye is drawn to the detail in the lower half. An eye catching style which cleverly sparks curiosity. I adore Daniel Davies' cover design.

Designed by Benji DaviesTwitter

4. Space Pirates: Stranded written by Jim Ladd
Benji Davies' covers just screams fun don't you think?! Love this depiction of a rather memorable member of Comet's crew ... Pegg and Legg!

Designed by Alexis Snell
5. Circus of the Unseen written by Joanne Owen
Alexis Snell's cover deftly blends the Russian folktale plus gothic elements from Owen's narrative. The dominating black, with shots of cream & red capture the tone perfectly. 

Designed by Emily Gravett.

6. The Imaginary written by AF Harrold
Emily Gravett's attention to detail  is heart stoppingly wonderful. The gorgeous blend of colour into her black and white dominated cover, truly draws the eye. The joy doesn't stop there with the hard cover edition. Unwrap the cover and take a peek underneath. Too clever!  And then there are those endpapers ... I'm a sucker for great endpapers. Simply wonderful. 

Designed by Chris Riddell. Twitter
7. Goth Girl and the Ghost of a Mouse written by Chris Riddell
Hats off. This man has achieved both. Creation of a fabulous novel, AND covered (& surrounded) by his own illustrations. Bookish high fives all round. The elegant circle used to highlight the title, the extravagant purple feather and the pale blue border. Such detail. Such talent. What a cover!!

Designed by Jill CalderTwitter
8. Cowgirl written by G. R, Gemin
Jill Calder has created a cover with such a strong stroke-ability power. Can you see that from the image?! Oh it's fabulous. I dare you not to reach out & stroke it at your local bookshop. Disclaimer: I will not be held responsible from any strange looks you may receive at this point.

Designed by Iacopo Bruno.
9. Shiverton Hall: The Creeper written by Emerald Fennel
Deliciously creepy & gothic. The red hue is just enough to add a suitably spooky glare to the cream, green & black which dominate the remainder of Iacopo Bruno's cover design.

Designed by Nicola Theobald
10. The Secret Hen House Theatre written by Helen Peters
I love the hint of mystery quietly emanating from Nicola Theobald's cover. The hint of light peaking through the door, the strong presence of the barn theatre. Perfect. 

Choosing ten was a fabulous chance to pour over some of my favourite MG covers. Have I missed your favourite? Sneak it in to the comments section below ...

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